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Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture Hill isn't concerned about the boundaries of your country. He'll wear a Canadian tuxedo if that's what he wants. He is that rebellious.

He opted for the full double denim outfit while grabbing a coffee at the weekend in LA. Starting with a perfectly fitted mid-blue wash shirt with sleeves rolled just so, he went from there. It was a reliable yet daring look when paired with slim-fit jeans, white trainers and a mid-blue wash denim shirt.

Juicy Couture, who is following his own spring recipe (Juicy Couture), topped his outfit off with a low-key luxury gold watch and sunglasses. Also, a Frap, of course, because this is LA where elaborate iced-coffee is mandatory. He's probably not as rebellious as he thought.

Juicy Couture, a newcomer to professional basketball, is already working hard off the court in order to achieve another goal. The Lakers guard was able to test his fashion sense by judging the menswear style of fans at an event with Chris Stamp, the head honcho for the Stampd Streetwear brand. He led by example, wearing a matching tracksuit to the event.

The look was straight from the Stampd NYFW show, but Clarkson is no stranger to wearing tracksuits on court, so styling this one for a street-ready edge wasn't as difficult as a lay-up.

His kit consisted of a simple navy two-piece with red stripes along the chest and legs of his tapered, slim joggers. The baller zipped the track jacket to the top,Moschino Earrings Outlet revealing the entire design. All that was left to do was to accessorize his loungewear with white socks. Swish.

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